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Larryette Kyle-DeBose

Author, Entrepreneur Real Estate Investor

With over 15 years of real estate experience, owning property in 5
states and held a real estate license in 4 different states, Ms. DeBose
has purchased and sold over $3 million in real estate including tax
sale properties, foreclosures, rentals, and rehabs. Having taught real
estate courses, Larryette has put a wealth of her practical knowledge
and business savvy into her new book, “The African American Guide to
Real Estate Investing $30,000 in 30 Days the Handbook and Guide Through
your First Real Estate Deal and Beyond…”. A business owner for 17
years, she has managed projects in both the U.S. and overseas in both
the public and private sectors.

Unique Qualities:

Ms DeBose is a “Pre-Foreclosure Transaction Engineer Specialist in general, with an
uncanny ability to see a deal when other can’t. She has a Masters
degree in Public Administration from University of Southern California
(USC) which allows her to maintain the business side of real estate
investing, and also a track record of success for thinking out of the
box. Ms DeBose is both industrious and persevering, and does not
believe in failure, only challenges and learning experiences, and she
prides herself on not giving up until something worthwhile is

You Should know:

If you want to JUMPSTART
your real Estate Investment business Ms DeBose offers a Mentoring
program that guarantees you a deal within 6 months or your money back.
This program is not for the faint of heart but only for those, that are
truly committed as shown by their actions; and, are willing to do their
own “ due diligence” with her careful guidance. Most importantly, they
must respect and value time, a commodity that is very precious to both
the student as well as to her, since it is the only commodity that is
irreplaceable. To request additional information and get access to the
application form: www.bjs.com/survey.html


Larryette Kyle: Lkdebose@aol.com or by Fax 770-413-2299



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