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Need Help Starting Your New Home Or Small Business?

Let Us Help You Capitalize In Today's growing Business Market

Business Jumpstart Series™  is a system that specializes in the development of small, new and home-based
real estate business start ups. We understand that starting a business can be challenging. That's why we
developed the Business Jumpstart Series™ to help entrepreneurs like you hit the ground running and start
a successful business from the very start.

Business Jumpstart Series™ does for new small or home businesses what a battery Jumpstart does for a
car — gets it going quickly. In essence, we can help you Jumpstart your new small or home-based real estate
business to increase your chances for success! We have the expertise to help your new small or home
business succeed! In fact, we have over 22 years of business experience which we will use to help you
develop the four essential elements that ANY business needs to succeed:

Element #1: A good concept or idea with an overall plan.

Element #2: An excellent product or service that fills a specific need in the marketplace.

Element #3 A specified and interested Market that you have indentified.

Element #4 A Marketing Plan to get your product or service to your target Market.

Business Jumpstart Series™ also uses internet technology, to enable
entrepreneurs to develop build and market and put their businesses on
auto pilot in cyberspace.

We Specialize In Two (2) Primary areas:

I  Internet Sales and Marketing

* "Instant On line Business Building Toolkit" you may consider yourself computer illiterate,
     not to worry this toolkit actually builds the site for you and then illustrates how to use it.

*Cutting-edge e-books, training videos and software  for example: "Buisness Guide to Internet Marketing"
 " 55 Ready to use website layouts"
  "Credit Secrets Revealed", "Reseller account set-up training videos "
 and many many more.....

*Also..."Your Real Estate Investing Roadmap Training Manual"; Provides EVERYTHING
   you need to start and maintain your new small or home-based Real Estate business.

 II  Publishing and Distribution

Learn how to prepare your manuscripts- where- when and who to submit them to and get them published possibly without ever receiving a rejection letter

***See our 2 Published  books below both on Amazon.com using our system ***                             

  1. "The African-American Guide to Real Estate Investing $30,000 in 30 Days."   Order autographed copy go to:    Real Estate Investment Guide  


       2.  "Charging the Net  A History of Blacks in Tennis from Althea Gibson and Arthur Ashe to the
Williams Sisters Order autographed copy go to:Charging The Net                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Contact Us at:  lkd@gmail.com

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